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  • luriko_ysabeth@livejournal.com
Luriko-Ysabeth was dropped onto this world by mistake when some Boskonians, about to become the victims of a corporate takeover, attempted to send their squirt to Barsoom, there to eventually avenge them or at least ensure that the backstabbers spent at least one sleepless night. Unfortunately they programmed the dimensional engine wrong and it dropped the girl in Seattle instead of Helium, although so far neither she nor her bemused current parents have any complaints. After a distressing period in her youth when she attempted to see whether it were possible to live solely off of speculative fiction and high fantasy, Luriko-Ysabeth discovered anime, sword-and-sorcery, J-pop, fanfiction, and the Evil Overlord List, and thus became the terrifying Queen of Aku Crossovers she is known as today. (Queen of Unfinished Multiparters was taken.)