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... that I no longer recall how to get into. Sigh.

On the bright side, I haven't had a grand mal seizure since the 22nd of December, and my hand surgery went reasonably well. One should always look on the bright side.


Spicy Tomato Poultry Soup

recipeCollapse )

My father thinks it's my best soup yet.


When reading "I'm an X, so I don't write Y" in someone's profile or introduction, does anyone else have a hard time not inferring that the person in question would totally read and write Y if only they could be convinced that it wasn't unethical?

(Especially when you-the-reader are an X and do write Y, for a sufficiently broad definition of X.)

Moreover...Collapse )

On non-canon relationships, should anyone be interestedCollapse )



I just had some of my mother's potato salad for dinner, and it was AWESOME.

Clearly my former belief that I disliked potato salad was due to only ever having eaten stuff made by persons who are not my mother.

I shall have to keep that in mind for the future.

fixed html

Why does nobody tell me that I've used platform-specific code on my webpages until years after the fact...?

At any rate, I've fixed the coding on two of my older stories.

Prism: White Day
Boku no Uchuu ni Kimi ga Iru

in case anyone happened to be interested.

patriotism: a rant

I was reading something on the intarwebs (never mind what), when I came across someone commenting "for the longest time, patriotism equalled jingoism to me."

That, right there, is an example of why the rhetorical device of "define our position X by the name of allegedly Good Thing Y" (I forget its actual name, anyone remember?) particularly infuriates me. Not just that it's hard to answer, but that if used endemically enough, it winds up actually shifting the definition, and those of us against X tend to believe that all Y are also suspect until someone finally comes up with a new name for "{Y | ¬X}" -- and even then, the new name may well be less appropriate, less intuitive, or plain old less convenient for everyone. (Seriously, "pedophile" by all logic ought to be an ANTONYM for "pederast," if it hadn't been for a certain set of idiots moving the definition of the latter in the one direction not full of inherently whacked power dynamics.)

But back to patriotism...Collapse )


Wow, times have changed.

I'm currently reading Electronic Computers and Management Control, and I'm not sure which makes me feel it a blast from the past more: either that they feel the need to carefully explain why one's business will be improved by using a properly chosen computer, or the fact that the book cost $2.95. ;_;

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With regards to abortion.

I've been reading rather a large number of debates recently, in which a great many points were made, and it seems to me that the question of whether a fetus, quickened or not, is or is not a human being or ensouled is largely peripheral to the actual matter under discussion.

Instead, it's more like this.Collapse )

Now, at some point in the future, somebody may invent the uterine replicator, and we can trade our issues in for a new and different set of issues (probably centering around "should we use government funds to keep maintaining replicators containing unwanted embryos/fetuses?"), but until then, it seems that the above is what it would work out to even if people were to unilaterally say "yes, human life begins at conception."

(Which I don't, but as mentioned above, that's not particularly germane to why I'd still pick choice number three.)

Race, Ethnicity, and Andre Norton

I've been reading some of the peripheral matter to the RaceFail debate recently.

I haven't wanted to get into it too much, since, by the time it became known to me, it seemed to have gone downhill to:
Side A: No, seriously, you're DOING IT WRONG. Here is how and why, with examples and a lot of confrontative language aimed at trying to AT LAST GET THE SIMPLE POINT INTO YOUR HEADS, NEVER MIND THROUGH.
Side B: There's no need for that kind of language and anyway we're not actually doing it wrong and besides, you SUCK (and what's more, you're not noticing our points, probably because you suck).

Seriously, I have better things to do with my life than read a great number of people on Side B opening their figurative mouths and proving themselves, if not idiots, either wilfully blind or too stubborn to admit that they took an ultimately untenable position in the first place. Instead, I have other things to do and say.Collapse )

A backlog of movie reviews.

Also, I finally finished Gakuen Senki Muryou. Everyone should see Gakuen Senki Muryou. It is released here under the title Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars.

why?Collapse )

Soukyuu no Fafner: final thoughtsCollapse )

Simoun (the not quite as good as SnF)Collapse )

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone ComplexCollapse )

Someday's DreamersCollapse )

Loveless vol. 2Collapse )

The Iron GiantCollapse )

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